The lighter side

  • Best and Worst Jobs of 2012: are you on the list? by

    HR has won the bronze medal and the third best profession. Behind Software Engineers and Actuaries, HR is the place to be – so what makes working in HR so great?

  • Ditch the to-do lists by Stephanie Zillman

    Writing a to-do list is a comforting activity – putting tasks to paper (or screen) seems to somehow clear and relax the mind. But a new study has shown that list-making may be pointless.

  • HR’s dream employee by Stephanie Zillman

    This may just be Australia’s most promising employee. Creative, risk-taker, brave, selfless – traits all employers would like to see in an employee...just a pity he’s only 9!

  • Urban HR dictionary: Your guide to modern office speak by

    With the advent of technology, sometimes it’s difficult to find the right words to describe modern dilemmas – HC has you covered.

  • Stray interns could be squatting in your building! by

    An extraordinary tale has emerged out of the US – a young intern-turned-entrepreneur squatted at AOL’s Silicon Valley HQ for two months undetected.

  • iPad winner announced! by Stephanie Zillman

    During May HC ran competition calling for the best interview stories the HR industry had to offer up – today we announce the winning entry and the honorable runners up!

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