The lighter side

  • Stray interns could be squatting in your building! by

    An extraordinary tale has emerged out of the US – a young intern-turned-entrepreneur squatted at AOL’s Silicon Valley HQ for two months undetected.

  • iPad winner announced! by Stephanie Zillman

    During May HC ran competition calling for the best interview stories the HR industry had to offer up – today we announce the winning entry and the honorable runners up!

  • Do men outnumber women in your office? Yuck. by Stephanie Zillman

    Scientists have offered up the corroboration many female office workers have been saying for years – the higher the ratio of men in your office, the higher the ratio of germs.

  • Mafia-style disposal of a staffer’s mistake by

    To some, it was just an innocent spelling error – but to Labor leaders in Canberra, misspelling the US president’s name was akin to high treason.

  • Beards at work are fine, but only if the CEO sports one by

    It’s long been said that facial hair looks unprofessional, and it’s not unheard of for a company policy to forbid beards – but if the trends in Silicon Valley are anything to go by, beards are back.

  • Send your employees home at 1pm today by

    Australians take their Friday wind-down very seriously, and when it comes to prepping for the weekend, there are some organisations that really know how to relax.

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