The lighter side

  • What not to do: Facebook lessons from a political PR pro by Caitlin Nobes

    Think a communications pro would know better than to make public, inflammatory comments on Facebook? Think again!

  • Punk rock HR: top 10 HR tips from music by Miriam Bell

    Ever wondered what inspiration HR might be able to gain from the great rock music of our time? Well, wonder no more. A UK leadership expert has published his top 10 rock music tips for HR…

  • Only in Silicon Valley: HR solution that wouldn’t fly in Oz by Stephanie Zillman

    It’s an idea that would doubtlessly slash visa sponsoring fees from the hiring budget – but before we get too excited, this is one boat that Gillard and Abbott would surely stop.

  • Sealed with a kiss by Miriam Bell

    These days the universal sign for a kiss – 'x' – is often used to sign off texts and emails. But the sign off on work emails is most likely to end in a cringe for the recipient.

  • Job hunter sends strange pic, not resume by Caitlin Nobes

    The importance of carefully naming documents was reinforced this week as a report emerged of a Toronto woman who sent a very strange photo in place of her resume.

  • Crucial work abandoned by comet man by Stephanie Zillman

    He’s the man keeping the world safe from Armageddon – but he’s also the latest casualty in a wave of NASA cost cutting. Is this one redundancy HR can’t afford to make?!

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