The lighter side

  • Intern penetrates high-level Coalition policy meeting by Stephanie Zillman

    Pre-internship screening fail: the Australian National University was this week left red-faced after it was discovered a student who had been assigned an internship with the Liberal party was a former Labor candidate.

  • Veterans fume over HR’s $52k spend on ‘funny’ videos by Stephanie Zillman

    In the tight fiscal climate of the United States, eyebrows have been raised over the $52k a government HR department spent on producing a spoof video to show at conferences.

  • HR worst at leaving personal life at home by Caitlin Nobes

    Think you’re good at separating work and home? New stats say HR professionals spend the most time talking about home – and are most likely to share secrets with colleagues.

  • Jay Leno takes pay cut to save jobs by Stephanie Zillman

    As many as 25 staff at US network NBC were saved from the redundancy chopping block thanks to an eleventh hour self-imposed pay cut by the veteran host.

  • Police officer misinterprets the law by Astrid Wilson

    Perhaps a few more information days or training sessions could have prevented this embarrassing error for West Australian police.

  • Leadership lessons from Captain Kirk by Miriam Bell

    Star Trek fans know Captain James Kirk’s extremely successful stint as captain of the Starship Enterprise was due to his leadership nous. But what, if anything, can more Earth-bound leaders learn from his style of command?

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