The lighter side

  • Leadership lessons from Captain Kirk by Miriam Bell

    Star Trek fans know Captain James Kirk’s extremely successful stint as captain of the Starship Enterprise was due to his leadership nous. But what, if anything, can more Earth-bound leaders learn from his style of command?

  • What if Brad Pitt sent in his resume? by Elizabeth Barnard

    That hopeful candidate in your waiting room could be the next Beyonce, Justin Bieber or Lady Ga-Ga. Heck, they could even be Brad Pitt. HC takes a look at the jobs of celebrities before they were famous.

  • Indulgent Canberra fat cats or clever engagement strategy? by HCA

    Speculation aside as to whether the cappuccinos of Labor bureaucrats are dusted in gold leaf, one government department has gone all-out on coffee machines for its Canberra office.

  • Congested spaces incite rude behaviour by

    If you’ve ever thought a seemingly disproportionate amount of rudeness occurs in lifts, crowded trains and buses and queues for the loo – you would be right, and there’s a study to prove it.

  • Two words to redemption by Stephanie Zillman

    There are two words in the Aussie lexicon that can save even the most dire recruitment campaign: Free Beer.

  • Not so secret recruitment at spy agency by Astrid Wilson

    Australia’s answer to the CIA and MI5 hasn’t exactly been keeping its need for a locksmith under wraps.

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