The lighter side

  • Win tickets to Melbourne Theatre Company production by HCA

    HC is giving away 2 tickets to the hit production of Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls – a ground-breaking play celebrating the power of female leadership.

  • Safety campaign titled ‘Oh sh*t’ announced by Tassie govt by Astrid Wilson

    Let’s face it – HR often has to grapple with the ‘yawn-factor’ in communicating safety initiatives to employees. But the Tassie government has invoked a bit of colourful language to cut through.

  • Crims leverage HR’s good name by Elizabeth Barnard

    Most scams involve taking money out of a person's bank account, but this crafty conman posed as an HR manager to lure his prey.

  • Suspicious mail at work? Could be a human delivery by HCA

    What’s the most romantic gesture you ever made, or received? If it didn’t involve a courier and a near-death-experience, then you won’t beat this romantic prankster.

  • Office affairs start with a virtual X by HCA

    It turns out there’s some serious truths behind that old line, it started with a kiss. A new study has found many office romances start with a casual ‘X’ in an email sign-off.

  • Lunch time frugality comes at a price by HCA

    There’s lots of pressure to be pennywise these days and taking a packed lunch to work is a good way to save some dough. Unless of course you spend $300 on a designer paper bag...

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