The lighter side

  • The awesome sound of 156 office machines from the '60s by

    Modern machines aim to be silent – from the latest MacBook Air to Hybrid cars, the sounds of industry are gone. To honour a bygone era, here’s a fantastic little piece of music recreating the pre-digital workplace.

  • A beep to disturb sedentary office workers by Stephanie Zillman

    Sedentary office workers are in for a rude awakening – new on the market is a ‘sitting pad’ which makes a loud beep every 30 minutes to remind them to move their butt.

  • Secret Santa hell rolls around again by Stephanie Zillman

    There are those who delight in the task of buying someone they’ve barely spoken to in the office a gift worth $10. There are others who would rather munch on broken glass.

  • Pay gap stoush to go viral? by HCA

    It’s been an interesting week in pay gap debate – from pay-gap lattes to monkey’s who won’t stand for anything less than equality, maybe the pay gap stoush is going global.

  • Increased chocolate consumption key to success by HCA

    Feeling guilty about eating too much chocolate? Well, don’t – it might help to achieve at a higher level.

  • CEOs could be determined by birth date by HCA

    Searching for CEO talent? Maybe it’s best to check out candidate birth dates…

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