The lighter side

  • Premier weighs in on ‘mate’ ban by Stephanie Zillman

    Following on from a NSW health department directive banning the use of the word ‘mate’ at work, HC takes a look at the most over-the-top workplace bans

  • It’s a choice between Jazzy and Hurricane by Stephanie Zillman

    2012’s most unusual baby names list has been released, and there are some shockers – and it’s only a matter of time before young J’Adore is manning the front desk.

  • Unofficial staff party shutdown by police by Stephanie Zillman

    Criminal activity and trespassing aside, this is one end of year party that had all the trappings of a night to go down in history.

  • Alternatives to swearing at work by HCA

    The ‘f’ word has crept its way into the lexicon of offices everywhere. What sort of alternatives are out there to this most versatile of words?

  • Go with your (beer) gut feeling? by HCA

    Elite hiring – throw out your expensive and complicated psychometric tests, your behavioural interviewing, and your assessment centres – do you see yourself getting smashed with this person?

  • The awesome sound of 156 office machines from the '60s by

    Modern machines aim to be silent – from the latest MacBook Air to Hybrid cars, the sounds of industry are gone. To honour a bygone era, here’s a fantastic little piece of music recreating the pre-digital workplace.

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