The lighter side

  • Employee happiness? There's an app for that by HCA

    A new app for Apple and Android claims to help employees learn what will make them happier at work, and how to make it happen.

  • Fired for being ‘irresistible’ by HCA

    Many would like to think themselves ‘irresistible’ – but not if it means getting fired. Yet that’s exactly what happened to one so-called ‘irresistible’ dental nurse in the US.

  • Beam into work: The future is here by HCA

    It’s the stuff of science fiction, yet in Silicon Valley, this is just another day at the office.

  • Fifty-two jobs in one year? Now that’s an adventure by HCA

    Some 12 months ago Paul Seymour set out to find his true passion by working a new job each week – and after working for 52 employers, Seymour discovered something even more rewarding than his dream job.

  • HR professionals officially not the fun police by Stephanie Zillman

    It won’t surprise many in the HR industry that the out-dated ‘fun police’ moniker is simply untrue. Looking at the top clicked stories on HC from 2012, HR pros love a laugh.

  • Tweeting the end of the world by Rose Sneyd

    The end of the human race would be a disaster for HR, but it has given us comedy gold on Twitter!

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