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  • Understaffed: HR should have hired a botanist by Stephanie Zillman

    As far as stuff ups go, this is a pretty big one. A botanist says the Bank of Canada printed the wrong species of maple leaf on its new plastic bank notes.

  • How do PMs wind down? by Stephanie Zillman

    From time to time we all have a whinge about the pressure at work – but some have the weight of the whole country on their shoulders, literally. So how do PM's unwind?

  • Feminine charms in the workplace by

    More than half of British women admit to flirting in order to get what they want…including a promotion?

  • The dangers of too much Facebook by Rose Sneyd

    Aside from the risks of damage to reputation, or bullying, employers have a new reason to want to monitor their staff’s social media usage – ‘Facebook envy’.

  • How to keep interviewees on their toes by Rose Sneyd

    Ever been tempted to throw a quixotic question into the interview situation? Well, you’re not alone.

  • Employee outsources his own job to China by Rose Sneyd

    Ever wished that you could pay someone else to do your job? Bob is one step ahead of you.

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