The lighter side

  • No. #1 Name mix-ups considered a ‘gaffe?’ by Iain Hopkins

    As far as gaffes go, it’s not that bad. Yet in these Twittering times, the slightest slip of the tongue is recorded for all to see within seconds. NRL CEO David Smith can’t catch a break.

  • Get the job wrong + fall asleep = still get paid by Iain Hopkins

    “Knock yourself out” was a bit too literal for one local weatherman whose job took him up in the air this week.

  • Fantastical excuses for turning up late by Iain Hopkins

    Do you ever wish that your employees, rather than rehearsing the same tired excuses, were a little inventive when it came to explaining their lateness?

  • Chewing gum quickens brain by Rose Sneyd

    Looking for an inexpensive way to increase productivity? You might want to try dispensing gum to your workers.

  • Crane driver takes napping to new heights by Iain Hopkins

    A Melbourne office worker couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked outside the window to see a crane driver taking a nap on a ledge 25 metres off the ground.

  • Hash muffins allegedly served up at office morning tea by Iain Hopkins

    It’s the type of stunt that would have gone down a treat at a funky record store party – but serving cannabis-laced muffins at a conservative office morning tea is probably not the right crowd.

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