The lighter side

  • Pharmacy takes a little too much interest in your health by Rose Sneyd

    If you’ve faltered in your ambitious New Year’s resolution to trim excess body fat, then you can count yourself lucky that you don’t work for this American company.

  • Canoodling caregiver wins compo by Rose Sneyd

    A retirement village worker who hid behind a bathroom door when discovered with the gardener in a deceased resident’s studio has won more than $6,000 at the ERA.

  • Boss assigns child’s homework to staff by Iain Hopkins

    From time to time your boss may assign you a job outside of your role description – but having to do your boss’ daughter’s homework may be pushing things way too far.

  • Ten things you may not know about papal recruitment by Rose Sneyd

    You probably do know about the white smoke vs. black smoke, but here are 10 even odder facts about one of the highest profile recruitment processes in the world.

  • A warning to do-gooders everywhere by Rose Sneyd

    A Welsh tourist and charity worker who wrestled a shark away from children on an Australian beach has learned first-hand of the unfortunate effects of viral media...

  • Job diversification: soccer player and pest control by Caitlin Nobes

    A highly paid soccer pro found out the hard way that sometimes doing someone else’s job ends badly when he decided to deal with a pitch invader.

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