The lighter side

  • Five things leaders can’t do without by Rose Sneyd

    Successful business leaders are known for their eccentricities, and the choice of travel companions appears to be no exception.

  • Time to fire men, and people with PhDs by Rose Sneyd

    An annual survey on time-wasting at work has revealed that more employees are wasting time on a daily basis this year than last year. Time to panic?

  • Birthday party for boss blows embezzler's cover by HRM

    The long-time office manager of a Florida business is now facing embezzlement charges after a surprise birthday party for her boss backfired.

  • Power nap on the boardroom table? by Iain Hopkins

    Alongside ever growing hours spent at work, would you consider, or advise your employees, to take a nap in an empty room? That’s the official word in Canberra.

  • Pharmacy takes a little too much interest in your health by Rose Sneyd

    If you’ve faltered in your ambitious New Year’s resolution to trim excess body fat, then you can count yourself lucky that you don’t work for this American company.

  • Canoodling caregiver wins compo by Rose Sneyd

    A retirement village worker who hid behind a bathroom door when discovered with the gardener in a deceased resident’s studio has won more than $6,000 at the ERA.

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