The lighter side

  • Rules apply equally: judge disciplines himself by HRM

    It’s an important HR rule that the guidelines and policies apply equally to management as front line staff. One US judge took that to heart, finding himself in contempt of court.

  • New Jersey teacher fired for urinating in class by Caitlin Nobes

    A year two teacher has been fired after the state learned he urinated in class and had his students clean up.

  • Graduate hopes to ‘kick start’ career by Rose Sneyd

    A recent communications graduate has launched a Kickstarter-inspired resume that offers rewards to those who share it across social media platforms.

  • Worst first day: swearing on live TV by Caitlin Nobes

    A.J. Clemente’s first words as an anchor on a live news show were a bit blue – and there was no time for beeping.

  • UK CEO shares the largesse by Rose Sneyd

    In a gesture that may renew some people’s faith in executive integrity, the CEO of UK retailer Next will share his multi-million bonus with 19,400 employees.

  • Where you stand in the lift is indicative of status by Stephanie Zillman

    If you think heading straight to the back of the lift is meaningless – think again. New Australian based research has uncovered the secret power plays going up and down around the country.

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