The lighter side

  • The do's and don'ts of hugging at work by Rose Sneyd

    It’s a pressing concern that recently garnered some traction on blogs: whether to hug in a professional situation?

  • HR humour: Executioner, the axe and the safety officer by Human Capital

    Even staring down the barrel, some safety officers are so married to their duty – not even death itself can compromise their standards!

  • Recruiting for jobs in Antarctica by HCA

    Ever dreamed of working on the coldest place in the world? Didn’t think so. Imagine recruiting for these jobs!

  • Too beautiful to work by HCA

    A British woman has been unemployed for two years, allegedly because her beauty made working “very difficult”.

  • I work in AR by Caitlin Nobes

    And you thought managing people was complicated – just how do you maintain the engagement of parrots?

  • 'Drunk' host removed from air by Caitlin Nobes

    Last days at work aren’t easy, but indulging in a little Dutch courage is likely to turn out badly for everyone – as one UK radio host discovered first hand.

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