The lighter side

  • Definition madness! by HCA

    Keep work paralysis at bay with these crazy definitions.

  • How big is your desk? Be honest… by Cameron Edmond

    A big desk at work might fit more paperwork, but it can also lead to some problems, according to new research…

  • Seat staff at a round table by Rose Sneyd

    New research shows that King Arthur was on to something when he sat his knights at a round table.

  • ‘Work hot’ or not? by Cameron Edmond

    Complaints over being too attractive to work might not be as exaggerated as first thought, with some workers suffering from a severe case of ‘work hot’.

  • Employee woes at Facebook by Cameron Edmond

    Compared to some places, Facebook seems like a good place to work. However, employees recently took to the internet to say why you can have too much of a good thing.

  • Train workers find a loop-hole in unfair dress-code by Cameron Edmond

    Train drivers in Sweden have taken an unconventional approach to getting around dress-code restrictions to battle the heat.

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