The lighter side

  • Part-timers terrorising businesses by Tammy Buckley

    Mischievous part-time staffers have started a new trend by posting photos of their inappropriate work antics on social media sites, much to the chagrin of their employers.

  • $700,000? That should cover the move… by Cameron Edmond

    While some are content to pay for checked luggage, one CEO saw it necessary to spend a little more on their move…

  • Epic fail: Is that really your LinkedIn profile photo? by Iain Hopkins

    Once upon a time resumes rarely, if ever, contained a photo of the candidate. Now things are different. Here's a list of what not to do with your LinkedIn profile photo...

  • Facebook addiction? We’ll shock you out of it by Tammy Buckley

    A study has suggested Facebook and Twitter are more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. Enter the 'Pavlov Poke', a 'shocking' aversion therapy device.

  • "Hire me, I'm awesome": CVs to raise a smile by Caitlin Nobes

    A stand-out resume may get you noticed but not necessarily for the right reasons. Here are some of most memorable CV missteps

  • Charm school for office fools by Cameron Edmond

    After serving aristocrats for years, one organisation is helping Gen Y sharpen up their office etiquette. Know someone who could do with a class?

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