The lighter side

  • Narcissism takes hold of Aussie workers by Cameron Edmond,Iain Hopkins

    Do you take a sneaky look at yourself in the lift to the office? Guilty of spending up big on Armani suits, or perhaps the latest Apple tech gadget? You are not alone. New research shows Aussies like to look good at work – and are spending up big to do so.

  • Workers swapping lunch for sneaky trysts by HRM

    Their productivity has gone down since the start of the recession, but Brits are making sure they enjoy their daily lunch hour.

  • Sick? The doctor will be right with you by Tammy Buckley

    Calling in sick for a sneaky day off may soon be a thing of the past. One country plans to require those taking a sick day to stay home for a personal doctor’s visit.

  • Morning coffee has never been so perilous by HRM

    Would you like a supernatural experience with your coffee? For some unfortunate New Yorkers they had no choice.

  • Star charts: Would you trust corporate astrology? by Cameron Edmond

    Mentors, advisers, consultants – all have a big part in the corporate world. But would you turn to someone whose expertise was a little more…out there?

  • Resignation by interpretive dance by Caitlin Nobes

    One overworked video producer has had her personal video resignation go viral – and her employer responded in kind.

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