The lighter side

  • Worst Christmas parties ever by HCA

    To make you feel a little better about any past (or future) Christmas party shockers, we’ve compiled a collection of the best head-shaking office party stories out there.

  • Who has the best employee perks? by HCA

    Looking for ways to drive up engagement and make your organisation the one to work at? Maybe you should take a lesson from these companies.

  • Letting it all hang out: Teleworkers in the nude by Cameron Edmond

    There are a fair few perks to teleworking, but Work in the Nude Day brings to light some we hadn’t considered.

  • Fake virus to get out of work by Cameron Edmond

    Got to leave early, but don’t have a good excuse? Well then have we got a deal for you…

  • 10 craziest tweets from J.P. Morgan’s Q&A by Cameron Edmond

    As hard as it is to believe, PR people still think “Twitter Q&As” are a great idea no matter the company. J.P. Morgan, you’ve made a horrible mistake.

  • Office romance gone horribly wrong by Cameron Edmond

    At HC, we’ve gotten to know a few HR professionals. One former practitioner shares with us the three craziest cases of office romance going horribly wrong.

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