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  • The business card that has everyone talking by HCA

    He may be successful, wealthy beyond means and charitable but that’s not all the accomplishments one Chinese tycoon is known for – just consult his business card.

  • How not to write a cover letter by

    With the New Year under way many companies are looking to start up their recruitment processes, this candidate however may struggle to find employment let alone an interview with this cover letter.

  • Stop with the whinging: Top five negative colleagues by Tammy Buckley

    From moaning Myrtles to negative Nellies, we take a look at the top five negative workplace personalities and how to deal with them.

  • HR in Santa’s workshop by Cameron Edmond

    With five days to go, HC began to wonder what the pros and cons of working for Santa must be…

  • 6 wild gift requests from employees by Cameron Edmond

    What would happen if you gave your employees the chance to ask you what they want for Xmas? Orangutans and tattoos, apparently…

  • Top 10 Christmas party characters by Tammy Buckley

    The kisser, the limpet, the peak-too-sooner – they’re out in force at every festive do, but can you identify who is who at your Christmas bash?

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