The lighter side

  • Coffee v Beer: Which one really helps you work smarter? by Human Capital

    We're going to take a stab in the dark here and say that most HR professionals probably prefer a dose of caffeine first thing in the morning over a handle of lager, but it turns out both substances can have a beneficial impact on your work. The trick? As always, all things in moderation...

  • World's worst resumes: revealed by Caitlin Nobes

    Quora’s contributors are at it again sharing their CV and cover letter nightmares.

  • Lighter Side: Chastising of tardy boss goes viral by HCA

    It’s usually the boss telling off employees for being late but when this employee was left waiting for an hour for his boss to show, he didn’t hold back in letting his feelings be known.

  • Shock resume: Man includes racy photo to secure interview by HCA

    One man’s job application ended with charges laid after he intentionally attached a raunchy personal photo.

  • Office pranks gone horribly wrong by Human Capital

    While there’s nothing wrong with a well-planned prank, an over-the-top joke can do a lot of harm and leave no one laughing.

  • What’s your sitting style at work? by Iain Hopkins

    Contrary to mum’s advice on sitting up straight, many employees are finding novel ways and positions to sit down in the office while using the tools of the trade.

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