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  • CEOs key to talent management by

    TALENT MANAGEMENT should be as rigorous as any other business planning process, and it should be recognised as being as valuable to an organisation’s success as any other process, according to Robert Care, CEO of Arup Australasia

  • AMMA: Don’t hold off on AWAs by

    EMPLOYERS WHO are seeking to retain flexible workplace arrangements and protection against industrial action would be well-advised to review their existing agreements and conclude any agreement negotiations prior to the upcoming federal election, according to the Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA)

  • Sick and tired of HR rhetoric by

    That’s it; I am sick and tired of all this continual HR rhetoric. If my company isn’t talking about “talent management” it’s talking about the “psychological contract” or “continual employee development”. Who knows what next month’s buzz phrase is going to be? The only thing that has remained consistent during the past five years is that all these empty HR/retention strategies are a load of hot air

  • Performance management: play to their strengths by

    Is it possible to improve employee engagement and retention simply by focusing on what staff are good at? Personnel Today’s Karen Dempsey finds out

  • Engaging inductions by

    We are overhauling our approach to induction, which at this stage, is heavily focused on compliance and policy issues. How do you suggest we approach this so it has a greater impact upon engaging our new starters?

  • Resolving disputes on the job by

    Unresolved workplace disputes and grievances can be very costly. Carole Goldsmith examines the role of conflict resolution in the workplace and looks at strategies that employers are using to prevent and handle disputes on the job

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