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  • Are recruiters ignoring their best resource? by Caitlin Nobes

    Technology has made huge changes in recruiters’ roles, but are they neglecting valuable sources of information?

  • Effective leadership: A seven-step guide by External

    John Hansen outlines the key steps organisations need to undertake to identify, attract, fill and retain corporate leadership talent.

  • Psychometric testing: how to choose the right test by Sarah Megginson

    Behavioural assessment is often used in the recruitment process of senior staff, but some commonly-used testing tools could be ineffective at predicting future performance. HC investigates.

  • To Tweet or not to Tweet? by Human Capital

    Whether an employer allows staff to access social media at work or not, may affect a candidate’s decision regarding accepting a job offer with them.

  • Recruitment, retention top concerns for HR by Human Capital

    Despite gloomy forecasts a new survey shows HR executives are confident about their organisations' growth prospects but concerns linger over staff retention and recruitment.

  • HR News in Brief: Australian employers least open to flexible working by Tammy Buckley

    Plus the Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal proceedings against a businessman for underpaying $870,000 to employees and a growing number of businesses have indicated their intention to hire staff in the coming months.

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