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  • Going in blind: The way forward for interviews? by Janie Smith

    Two law firms have started conducting CV-blind interviews, where all the interviewers know about the candidates is their names. Could this approach help stamp out unconscious bias?

  • Dealing with workplace trauma by Janie Smith

    A law firm has instituted a vicarious trauma program to help employees who are affected by dealing with traumatised clients and traumatic cases – can you apply a similar program in your workplace?

  • Opinion: Designing conflict into your organisation by Human Capital

    Don’t seek to deal with workplace bullying by getting rid of conflict, instead develop the capability of your organisation to have healthy conflict, writes Danielle Carney, principal consultant of PEEL HR Consulting & Mediation.

  • Pay and display: Would you make salaries company-wide knowledge? by Janie Smith

    A US company lets employees look up each other’s salaries and bonuses in the interest of transparency. Should Australian companies be doing the same thing?

  • Five tips for acing a HR job interview by Janie Smith

    As HR professionals, conducting job interviews is our bread and butter. But being on the other side of the interview requires different skills and not everyone gets it right. HC looks at how to avoid the pitfalls.

  • Five Minutes With...June Chui, senior HR manager, Polycom Asia Pacific by Human Capital

    Polycom Asia Pacific senior HR manager June Chui tells HC how technology will change the role of HR in the future and why she'd love a workplace with a mountain view.

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