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  • HR recruitment: why you should be using LinkedIn by Juliette Willow

    Revenue growth and sky-high membership statistics are one thing, but here’s what you need to know about how members are actually using LinkedIn

  • Women on boards: how HR can help turn the tide by Janie Smith

    It’s four years since the “if not, why not” disclosure rule was introduced and the number of female board appointments has started to plateau. HC Online looks at what HR can do to help get the ball rolling again.

  • Poor leadership holds employees back by Tammy Buckley

    The importance of effective leaders has once again been highlighted with new research showing professionals blame poor leadership for negatively impacting on their performance.

  • Why you need an office star by Tammy Buckley

    New research shows that the productivity effects of superstar employees stretch beyond their own work results.

  • Lengthy recruitment process turning off top talent? by HCA

    Employers who take too long in their recruitment process risk losing their star candidates to other (more speedy) offers.

  • Is gamification over-hyped? by Sarah Megginson

    Frequently over-hyped and often misapplied, HR gamification rarely achieves any significant impact, according to one leading expert.

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