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  • Rise in contract workers spawns challenges for HR professionals by

    A greater emphasis on short-term and project-based work is having a significant impact on the type of worker required by businesses today. Matthew Franceschini outlines the challenges and opportunities associated with contract workers.

  • HR gets analytical by Iain Hopkins

    HR's analytical tools have come a long way from the haphazard insights gleaned from Excel spreadsheets. A new report has suggested that a new era of advanced workforce reporting will transform the HR function.

  • Mining boom: HR strikes gold with big data by Human Capital

    Big data is revolutionising the world of HR - so how can you use it to make strategic business decisions? We speak to John Hansen of Oracle, Vaughan Paul of Optus and Barry Thomas of Cook Australia for their thoughts on the latest way to gain insight into the workforce.

  • HC Magazine issue 10.9 by HCA

    Cover story: What are you worth?; My Brilliant Career; The only way is up; Out with the rearview mirror; time to forecast the future; All about context.

  • 'No Indians or Asians': Coles censured for racist job ad by Robin Christie

    Coles endured an embarrassing PR crisis last week following an ill-advised job advertisement posted by one of its sub-contractors.

  • HR keeps older workers on the books by Elizabeth Barnard

    New figures released from the Treasury today indicate that a new trend is underway in the employment of older workers.

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