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  • Why your HR department is under threat by HCA

    The threat of cyber crime may seem like something for the IT department to handle – but HR’s online activity is exactly the kind of target in hackers’ sights.

  • The hottest HR roles right now by Stephanie Zillman

    Tired of your current role? Feeling like you could make more money, but don’t know which HR functions are commanding the dough? Here are the most in-demand HR jobs right now.

  • ICT employees will test jobs market as new projects kick off by

    What's the state of the market in the ICT sector? Linda Trevor looks at recruitment and retention trends in 2013.

  • Technology that's transforming HR in 2013 by Human Capital

    Technology is changing the HR world and it's a trend that's likely to continue in 2013. We speak to Andy Cross of Ambition and Simone Carroll of REA Group for their thoughts on how you can adapt to rapid developments in the industry.

  • Is your talent best in class? by HCA

    Implementing innovative talent acquisition strategies that achieve recruitment objectives and funnel strong performers into a leadership pipeline are key to success.

  • Why strategy, not technology, will take top spot for HR investment in 2013 by

    The year 2013 may see HR professionals turn their attention to 'strategic enablement': in other words, working out how to use technology to improve performance. Marc Havercroft believes a back to basics approach is on the cards.

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