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  • Talent management - improving workplace productivity by

    What is talent management? EI’s people and culture manager, Shane Duffy believes there a four fundamental objectives of talent management, around which any successful talent management strategy should be built.

  • Aussie workers are mobile addicts – but at what cost? by

    A new survey has revealed that Australians are more tethered to their devices than ever before, relying on them to get more work done out of office hours. What price is this addiction having on individuals and employers?

  • Who owns what in the social media age? by HCA

    Who is responsible for protecting company information in the social media age? Does HR have a role to play in preventing ‘data leakage’?

  • Loyalty out as job hopping becomes the new norm by HCA

    The latest ABS labour mobility statistics indicate that job hopping is on the increase for Australian employees - but experts have advised there are steps that can be taken to improve loyalty.

  • The workplace of the future is here: Shorten by HCA

    The sheer acceleration of workplace trends that have been at play for the last two decades, such as higher participation rates, more women in the workforce, greater flexibility, and lifelong education and training, mean in many ways the ‘workplace of the future’ is already here.

  • HR in 2012: Forum warns employers to adapt or be left behind by Stephanie Zillman

    A panel of industry experts in Sydney yesterday warned that Australia is entering the ‘new world of work’ and as yet, the challenges are not being met by the majority of organisations.

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