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  • Educate to retain and reward by

    Do you need to be a major player to offer further education to your employees? Siona Singletary doesn't believe so. Here's what her company, EI Group, has done.

  • The secret priorities of Aussie workers by Stephanie Zillman

    What’s important to workers around the world varies widely according to the culture and accepted workplace norms – so what makes your international workforce tick?

  • Brush up: HR skills that are in demand now by Human Capital

    Many HR professionals talk about the value of business acumen, but few see formal study as the best way to develop their skills. We speak to Craig Mason of The Next Step, Rose Clements of Microsoft and Kerrie Field of St Vincents and Mater Health Sydney for their thoughts on the best L&D strategies.

  • Four ways you can support employees and create a successful business by HCA

    With an ageing workforce, a tight labour market, ongoing skills shortages and an increasingly knowledge based economy, businesses are driving a focus on maximising employee performance and efficiency.

  • Talent management - improving workplace productivity by

    What is talent management? EI’s people and culture manager, Shane Duffy believes there a four fundamental objectives of talent management, around which any successful talent management strategy should be built.

  • The Fair Work Act and personal liability considerations for HR by Miriam Bell

    Experts are warning that the personal liability provisions under the Fair Work Act are so broad that HR could be held accountable for breaches of the legislation.

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