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  • L&D initiatives worth their weight in gold by HCA

    In the absence of offering the big bucks, L&D opportunities are worth their weight in gold. In this week’s HCTV we speak to Kate Bergin of Hilton about how this global company believes in the benefits of focusing its energy on individual development.

  • Using technology to train and induct new employees by

    The induction process can provide the foundations for rapid growth and performance - or it can lead to disappointment, confusion and disconnect. Bruce Nixon outlines how technology can help bring it all together.

  • Times are a changin': doing more with less by Rose Sneyd

    Despite a climate of constrained budgets and a continuous need to do more with less, a majority of public sector organisations do not highly prioritise innovation. How can this change?

  • HR job market stalling by Rose Sneyd

    The first quarter of 2013 has ushered in new junior and intermediate HR positions, but little other growth.

  • Bridge the divide as a business imperative by Human Capital

    The case for gender diversity in the workplace has been well and truly proven, but the number of women on boards continues to lag. We speak to Andrea O'Bryan of Diversity at Work, Steve Rowe of IAG and Simone Carroll of REA Group for their thoughts on attracting and retaining women.

  • 'Performance' reviews all about development by Rose Sneyd

    Many managers consider performance reviews to be on the way out, but perhaps they just need to be refocused.

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