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  • The key to managing long-term illness by Human Capital

    Is it ever legal to dismiss an employee with a long-term illness?

  • Five Minutes With Geoffrey Court, Salmat by Cameron Edmond

    From lawyer to HR director, Salmat’s head of people and culture, Geoffrey Court, talks of his tumultuous time at Ansett and of the importance of keeping the focus on people. He spends five minutes with Cameron Edmond

  • Union watchdogs return by Cameron Edmond

    Unions attack the return of two construction commissioners from the old guard, while industry groups praise the return. Why the controversy, and where do you stand?

  • The evolution of non-union employee representation in Australia by External

    Professor Paul Gollan outlines how new research by Macquarie University has revealed what two prominent and very different companies have done to support non-union employee representation.

  • Workplace policies from the three major parties by Cameron Edmond

    As we enter into the final stretch of the election, it is time to review what changes the three major parties are proposing to workplace and industrial relations.

  • Changes to workplace policy unlikely by Cameron Edmond

    Based on recent polls and comments, changes to workplace policy after the federal election are unlikely.

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