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  • Frontline Intelligence: HR transitions – a crucial time to get it right by External

    Transitioning into a new role in HR is an exciting time. New challenges, new priorities and new achievements are all on the horizon. The trick is to get off on the right foot by - and by paying attention to some key strategies this can be accomplished, writes Craig Mason.

  • Presentation skills: Hints and Tips by Human Capital

    HR professionals increasingly find themselves having to present at events or speak to boards and this can be very challenging. So what are some handy tips? We speak to communication skills coach Gary Wohlman and professional speaker Michael Neaylon for their insights.

  • Managing the autonomous worker by Cameron Edmond

    Whilst Gen Y and connectivity often get the blame for the development of more independent, self-managing attitudes towards work, the cause – and the solution – might not be what you think.

  • Employee makes Fair Work claim over no demotion by Iain Hopkins

    An Australian Federal Police (AFP) officer has taken an unusual claim to the Fair Work Commission – he says his employer failed to demote him.

  • Grab on tightly to your talent by HRM

    Business leaders are reporting a sharp increase in competitors trying to steal their talent.

  • Non-party employer made to pay costs in restraint litigation by External

    Bryan Belling and Matthew Parker outline the possible risks involved when employers poach the employees of competitors.

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