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  • What I learned from the HR Summit by HCA

    Joanna Bryant outlines the key points she took home from this year's HR Summit in Perth.

  • Critical steps for technology changes by Chloe Taylor

    New technology roll-outs can lead to difficult change management processes. Here’s how your organisation can be ready for the ‘Go Live’ date.

  • HR salaries: what are you worth? by Chloe Taylor

    A new report reveals which skillset is becoming the most sought-after among HR professional – and are you getting paid what you're worth?

  • HRD issue 13.05 by

    Cover story: Employer of Choice 2015 The votes are in, and the results have been tallied. Find out how employees rated their employers in the inaugural HRD Employer of Choice survey

  • "You can't manage from a tower" – GM Holden's head of HR by Chloe Taylor

    HC speaks to Ashley Winnett, executive director of Human Resources at GM Holden, about change management, dealing with a workforce of tens of thousands, and the importance of communication.

  • The business of design by Iain Hopkins

    Look around your office. How many desks sit empty? With telework taking off, studies have shown that, on occasion, just 50% of desks are ever occupied. Beyond having flashy corporate HQs, it might be time to focus on making the space support the business and the people working within it, as Iain Hopkins discovers

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