Top OHS salary packages nudge $300,000

by 03 Apr 2007

Once considered something of a dead-end job, occupational health and safety has become one of Australia's most lucrative career choices, according to the 2006/07 SafeSearch Health, Safety and Environment Remuneration (HSE) survey. Average graduate packages are now commencing at $64,000 and GM roles in the upper quartile exceed $280,000 per annum, said Julie Honore, managing director of HSE search. “While salary alone should never be the sole determinant in taking a role, if a company isn’t competitive in this area, then they need to have other benefits such as gym membership and flexible work hours available and be ready to convey these to candidates,” he said.

Loyalty disappearing in workplace

Corporate loyalty is dwindling in Australia as workers, and particularly younger employees, switch jobs more often according to recruitment firm Carmichael Fisher. Employee churn was increasingly becoming a problem for companies, particularly as more and more employees from generation Y joined organisations, said Carmichael Fisher managing director Michael Markiewicz. The rapid movements of generation Y and generation X employees were forcing employees to consider a shift in management styles, from aggressive management to a softer approach, he said. The latest Labour Mobility statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that younger employees tend to change employers move often.

Overseas posts not necessary for career advancement

While 59 per cent of workers would like to work overseas with an existing or prospective employer, many do not believe that overseas work experience is necessary to accelerate their careers, a survey of more than 1,300 individuals has found. People with overseas experience return with very different social and professional attitudes that are extremely attractive to employers, and often their skills bases have been significantly enhanced as well. As the skills shortage stifles organisations’ ability to grow, international companies are gradually waking up to Australians’ wander lust and are becoming more aggressive in their methods of recruiting Australia’s professionals, said Luke Henningsen, executive GM of Chandler Macleod Professional Recruitment, which conducted the survey.

Global Corporate Challenge 2007 launches

A world-first corporate health initiative, Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) is a unique program aimed at encouraging corporate employees to get active and healthy. Participants wear step-counting pedometers to record their daily walking activities, and participants in the 2006 GCC have indicated profound medical and weight loss benefits for participants. GCC 2007 begins in earnest on 24 May and runs until 25 September. For a limited time, Human Resources magazine is offering subscriptions for a discounted rate of $99 for a one-year subscription. Plus, all new subscribers will receive one free team of seven people in the 2007 Global Corporate Challenge, worth $99 per person. See page 27 for more information.


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