Scope, scale and reach: HR in the driver’s seat at Spotless

by 01 Feb 2012

Personal file: Peter Godfrey

Family: Mother (Marie) and father (Brian) both heading for ‘80’; they are the foundation stones of my life. My sister Marion is married to Craig and they have three great children. My wife Merrill and I met in 1986, she is the ‘yang’ to my ‘yin’. The other lights of my life are my girls, Gabrielle and Carryn, who is married to Chris, and they have a son Bailey, with another on the way.

Favourite movie or TV: Movie = Shawshank Redemption; TV = NYPD Blue, Rockwiz, Switzer and Modern Family.

Best advice ever received: Read the business and finance sections of the newspapers every day.

How do others describe you? From a ‘personal brand’ exercise I did earlier this year the consistent themes were: insightful, loyal, intelligent, humble, pragmatic, knowledgeable, and a good listener. If I was to add one myself I am driven by achievement.

Favourite sports/hobbies: Basketball has been a life-long passion playing watching and coaching; I swim for physical and mental health and have done for 30 years or so; I ride a motorcycle, and we like to travel, go to the theatre a few times a year, as well as entertain at home, and escape to our surf coast property when time permits.

First job and/or worst job: First job at about age 14 was as a casual shop assistant at Alexanders Menswear.

Qualifications: A Bachelor of Arts, a Graduate Certificate in Business, and a Masters Degree in Industrial and Employee Relations from Monash University‘s National Key Centre in Industrial Relations. I’m also a Member of the Industrial Relations Society, Chartered Member of AHRI, and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

If not in HR: That’s a tough question given that I’ve had a number of ‘sliding doors’ moments throughout my education and work life. If I was to write my own script I might have been a professional basketball coach at junior collegiate or collegiate level in the US. There’s a clear connection here with what I do in the HR context as at its core ‘coaching’ is about the pursuit of excellence and the development of others. Winning is a product of that effort.

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