No longer out of sight, out of mind: HR at Medibank Health Solutions

by 31 Oct 2011
Dealing with constant change

Moore sees her profession progressing in interesting ways in the future. Although she believes it’s obvious to state, HR has to be a partner in the business. The key is how that’s done, she says. “HR is in a unique position where it’s aligned; you don’t have a territory you’re trying to protect. I think we should be the change catalysts. We should have robust conversations, we should be challenging, and we should be asking difficult questions. I think often HR people are often a little bit too nice – I think we have to be out there rocking the boat and shaking things up a little bit.”

Moore also stresses that from her experience of five years with Medibank, the only constant in business is change.

“It’s a constant change environment; you’ve got to get used to it but you have to also resource for it. So you can’t just say, ‘it’s going to be business as usual’. I’ve made that mistake. My team would beat me over the head if I ever say ‘we have the chance to consolidate’ again because we never do. We are always onto the next thing. You’ve actually got to assume that there will be change, structure for change, and ensure you’ve got people that can deal with the stuff that’s going to come out of left field periodically.”

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