HR beyond the city limits: Albury City Council

by Iain Hopkins11 Jun 2012

 Luring out of towners

Not surprisingly, Albury City Council is a strong advocate of the city and all it has to offer employers and employees. Through the Council’s Economic Development Team, Albury City plays an active role in a number of other projects which contribute to the overall employment growth of the area.

 Projects like the Nexus Industrial Project, a large-scale industrial development in a prime location on a key inland transport corridor, is just one opportunity to attract new industry and business to the city.

The city has also teamed with Evocities to encourage Sydneysiders to live, work and invest in an ‘Evocity’ such as Albury (so named because the cities are centres of Energy, Vision and Opportunity). Other Evocities include Armidale, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Tamworth and Wagga Wagga.

Each of the seven cities has dedicated resources and funding to the campaign, and has in turn secured Australian Government funding, as well as support from the NSW State Government and corporate sponsors, including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Charles Sturt University, the University of New England, Rex Airlines and Orange Mental Health.

“One of the key goals for Albury City Council is the liveability of the city,” Watson explains. “Obviously a key part of that is having a strong labour force within the region to allow prospective and existing employers to be able to establish themselves and then recruit with a fairly high level of confidence. Evocities promotes the opportunities that living in places like Albury can provide – it talks about a range of attractors, from reducing commute time, to spending more time with family, and avoiding some of the frustrations of living in a metropolitan area. It’s also promoting the fact that we can still offer the services and facilities one might expect from a larger city.”

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