Beating office politics is key to leadership

by 25 Jul 2007

Leaders place career transitions – the point at which leaders are promoted from one level to the next – second only to dealing with divorce when considering different life events. Fifty-nine per cent of leaders rate career transitions as very or extremely challenging according to research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Development Dimensions International (DDI). Office politics is one of the main challenges facing these leaders with almost half of the top level leaders stating that they feel unable to address it within their organisation and around a quarter saying it is the toughest challenge to overcome.

Potential of internal communication yet to be tapped

Internal communications departments are working increasingly closely with chief executives, focusing their efforts on helping staff engage with the business they work in, according to recent research from the Work Foundation. However, internal communications teams may on occasion be too reactive. The highest performing organisations use internal communications both for downwards and upwards communication – a capacity that is not widely shared across organisations, and ‘old media’ techniques such as team briefings, newsletters and magazines and face-to-face events were seen as the most effective means of internal communications.

Lifelong learning the key to skills shortage

Lifelong learning is the solution to creating a better skilled, more engaged and additionally productive workforce, according to the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RSCA). If companies within the industry can play a role in identifying skills gaps and providing or recommending appropriate training, they can contribute even more to the employment sector,” said Julie Mills, CEO of the RCSA. It is the question of who funds training and development that appears to hold employers back, particularly in the SME sector, without dedicated training budgets. Many commentators believe the growing skills shortage will answer the question for them – if you want skills, create them.