Banking on gender equality: HR at Westpac

by Human Capital23 Jul 2012

HC: What do you consider to be your biggest career achievement to date?

SK: Leading the merger of BT and St.George Wealth. This was a challenging period where we brought together two great wealth management businesses and I’m proud of the work we did on embedding a high performance culture while respecting and building on both organisations’ heritage and strengths.


HC: Describe yourself in a few key words.

SK: I’m passionate, positive and performance oriented. I love to have fun and celebrate successes along the way.

HC: The advice I would give a fresh grad starting out in HR would be…


  • Be curious and pro-active – ask questions about why things are done the way they are, ask successful people for tips and ideas
  • Put your hand up for the challenging tasks – sometimes these can seem mundane or scary but will lead to opportunities for growth and exposure
  • Deliver on your promises


Career timeline: Shenaz Khan


First job

Pensions Administrator (South African Mutual)


Variety of client services roles


Next steps

Senior manager – Life Business, ING

Assistant general manager – Client Services, ING

Executive director – Customer Service Group, ING

Head of performance management, reward and HR consulting, ING

Head of organisational development, ING

Executive director, people & culture, ING


At Westpac

Head of corporate core people & performance, Westpac

GM human resources, BT Financial Group, Westpac

GM human resources, retail and business banking, Westpac



GM human resources, group services, Westpac

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