Airing the pressures of human resources: HR at Sullair Australia

by 14 Dec 2011

The additional benefits

With three core strategies to combat the skills shortage in place – FIFO incentives, multi-level skilled employees aligned to task complexity and overseas recruitment – Sullair is well on its way to eliminating its shortage of skilled employees. But in an environment where many companies are feeling the same pinch, these strategies are being quickly replicated, creating pressure to find the next solution.

The point of difference can be made in the reputation of the company itself. As Lamusse indicates, competitors are offering similar packages, but additional benefits and cultural incentives offered by the recruiter can sway the final decision. Whether it’s across the country or international, relocation can be a stressful upheaval for many families. Training provisions, health and medical benefits, carers leave, and family counselling and support are attractive package elements a prospective employer can offer.

It is clear there is no ‘quick fix’ to remedy the shortage of skilled workers facing Australian industries. The efforts of HR managers, along with the strength and reputation of the company will contribute to the ability to attract the right people for the right jobs. Strategies such as on-the-job training and government support for company-sponsored immigration, will be important contributing factors in ‘up-skilling’ a longer-term workforce.

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