• HR beyond the city limits: Albury City Council by Iain Hopkins

    Metropolitan organisations struggling with the talent shortage should spare a thought for employers located in regional areas. Iain Hopkins talks to one significant regional employer about their unique HR challenges

  • Numero Uno: Hilti Australia by

    Fluent in four languages and the youngest country head for Hilti Group globally, Jan Pacas shares his thoughts about HR, his career achievements and the elements that have made up his brilliant career

  • Staying power: HR at Procter & Gamble by

    In a relatively high turnover field it’s unusual to find a HR professional who has remained with the same company since graduation. Now with over 20 years working in multiple roles at Procter & Gamble behind her, Amanda Irwin talks to HC about her brilliant career

  • Perfect HR vision: HR at Luxottica by

    Luxottica has always been at the forefront of people and culture initiatives. As head of HR for the past 18 months, and with time spent in industries as diverse as IT and finance, Sharyn Schultz reflects on the challenges, achievements and insights she has discovered throughout the course of her brilliant career.

  • The art of constant adaptation: HR at ninemsn by

    Few industries are as dynamic as digital media. This month’s profiled HR professional talks about dealing with constant change and creating engaging HR initiatives that connect with a young workplace demographic

  • High flying HR by

    With several highly successful customer service roles in the aviation industry behind her, Janine Stewart says her eventual move into HR was “the best strategic career move I ever made”. She talks to Human Capital about her brilliant career

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