• My brilliant career – Stefani Kurta by

    HR systems and service centre manager, GM Holden

  • Ensuring a reasonable career break by

    I’m a senior HR administrator and my partner has just had a baby. I would like to take a career break for three to six months. My employer isn’t keen on the idea, so I’m considering resigning and applying for another role when I feel ready. How will potential employers react to my time out of work and are there any tactics I can employ to ensure my career break isn’t permanent?

  • Likeable managers lead to business success by

    Managers could soon be selected on how likeable they are, regardless of their experience, if Australia follows the US trend of ‘social screening’, according to leadership coach Tim Sanders

  • How to … gain international experience by

    Global expansion has placed a premium on international HR experience within many organisations. HR professionals are increasingly being called upon to manage workforces in more than one country, and are more likely to be posted overseas

  • The law of attraction and retention: Henry Davis York by

    The war for talent is very much alive in the legal industry, with fierce competition for good lawyers at all levels. Craig Donaldson speaks with Deborah Stonley about the keys to Henry Davis York’s unique approach to attraction and retention, and what makes the firm an award-winning employer of choice

  • Breaking in a new culture: the Virgin Blue story by

    Virgin is one of the best known brands on the face of the earth today, with a strong focus on culture, values and pioneering leadership. Virgin Blue’s Brett Godfrey and Bruce Highfield speak with Craig Donaldson about the makings of successful cultures and what it takes for HR to earn the respect of the CEO

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