• A rendezvous with reward by

    Melissa Yen speaks with Patrick Sheehan, VP of HR for Rendezvous Hotels and Resorts International, about what it took to win the Davidson Trahaire Corpsych Award for Employer of Choice (more than 1,000 employees) at the 2006 Australian HR Awards

  • My brilliant career – Joneen Thompson by

    Executive Manager – HR, Sutherland District Trade Union Club

  • How to … have kick-ass ideas by

    Breakthrough or ‘kick-ass’ ideas are what make organisations world-class players, setting them apart from the competition. Without innovation, companies cannot grow, and their products, services and people can become stale.

  • Strategic functions increase for HR in organisations by

    More than 50 per cent of HR professionals report that strategic planning is part of their function, according to a Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) study of 427 HR executives in the US

  • Low wages not always key success factor for overseas investment by

    The comparative cost advantage of taking business to low-wage countries such as China or India, where unit labour costs in manufacturing are 20 per cent lower than in the US, are often not the bargain they seem when wages are adjusted for low productivity, according to a report released by The Conference Board

  • How to … be an influential manager by

    Believe in your potential to become an influential manager. Influencing is not the preserve of the chosen few, even though some managers possess seemingly effortless influencing skills, says Steve Martin, director of consultancy Influence at Work

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