• Building credibility in mergers and acquisitions by

    Q. I’m an interim manager with specialist skills in mergers and acquisitions. I want to offer my services to companies but am unable to get my foot in the door. How can I communicate how my skills might benefit them and raise my profile within this sector and the HR industry in general?

  • Sourcing of talent a problem for technology companies by

    Technology companies across the globe still need to find effective ways of finding and retaining talent while managing their human resources, a recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers has found.

  • How to … build self-confidence by

    How you feel about yourself has a huge impact on what you do in life and how you do it, especially when it comes to your career. Being self-confident means you are far more likely to aspire to greater things, take risks, overcome challenges, grow and succeed.

  • Corporate boards become more involved in company ethics by

    More corporate boards are becoming actively involved in providing oversight into companies’ ethics and compliance programs, according to a report released by The Conference Board.

  • From HR generalist to HR business partner by

    Q. I have been an HR generalist for some years and would like a role as an HR business partner. Can you suggest some key areas I should focus on to achieve this?

  • How to … delegate by

    Delegation can be one of the riskiest things we do at work as it means relinquishing control and placing your trust in another individual to carry out one of your job tasks. Their performance is then seen as a reflection of your own. Even though it might not be your fault if they fail, as a manager, you must take responsibility for the outcome. It’s little wonder that many of us shy away from it.

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