• My brilliant career – Rita Agati by

    My brilliant career – Rita Agati

  • How to … gain authority by

    All too often, authority is confused with or mistaken for power. Simply being a manager does not grant you authority, nor does it give you the right to coerce others into acting

  • Stale reward practices put companies at talent risk by

    The increasingly competitive environment to deliver value means that IT organisations must have the right people with the right skills and competencies to fulfil the needs of the business and drive new projects, according to Gartner Executive Programs (EXP), a unit of Gartner Inc

  • My next move – Fulyana Orsborn by

    My next move – Fulyana Orsborn

  • Mounties: holding on to an empire by

    High turnover is an issue commonly faced by most organisations. Melissa Yen speaks with Jodi Dickson from Mounties about their award-winning and innovative approach to recruitment and retention

  • How to … sell yourself in 60 seconds by

    Also known as the ‘elevator pitch’, it’s the ability to describe your personality, achievements, skills and work experience in just a minute

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