• Deloitte: putting the people in performance by

    A strong relationship between HR, executives and business has become paramount in gaining a competitive advantage in today’s tight labour market. Melissa Yen speaks with Giam Swiegers, CEO and Alec Bashinsky, head of people and performance, about the business of people management in professional services

  • My brilliant career – Ron Watts by

    My brilliant career – Ron Watts

  • Permanent versus contract by

    I have just been made redundant from my role. I am now at the stage in my career and life where I want a bit of flexibility. I am thinking about contracting however, I am worried that if I contract for five years I may not be able to return to the permanent market in a good role. What is your advice?

  • Roll out a red carpet to women and mature age workers by

    Both government and business need to take real and practical steps to making more employment accessible to women and mature age workers, according to human capital partner, Lisa Barry

  • Taking a step towards change by

    I have worked for a multinational company for several years and have been involved in the people side of a number of acquisitions

  • My brilliant career – Patricia Bell by

    My brilliant career – Patricia Bell

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