• My brilliant career – Rebecca Lane, HR director Uecomm by

    My brilliant career – Rebecca Lane, HR director Uecomm

  • How to … communicate across the cultural divide by

    Until quite recently, company leaders who worked closely with foreign colleagues either travelled regularly or were transferred overseas

  • Work-life balance beats salary by

    Despite the tight job market, employees are overwhelmingly swayed by work-life balance considerations rather than salary

  • Surviving the age-old talent war by

    As the workforce is challenged by an ageing population and skills shortages, mature age workers become increasingly valuable. Melissa Yen speaks to Errol Peters of Sunstate Cement, examining their innovative and award winning approach to an ageing workforce

  • My next move – balancing experience by

    I’m in a standalone HR role, so am involved with a lot of recruitment, HR admin and some HR officer duties. I have a law degree and a masters in human resource management. I’m job-hunting and the feedback I get after interviews for HR admin roles is that I am overqualified, but when I apply for HR officer roles, they say I lack experience. What should I do?

  • My brilliant career – Deborah Burt by

    My brilliant career – Deborah Burt

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