• A prescription for HR teambuilding by

    An effective structure is the key to any successful HR team and its subsequent strategy in servicing the business. Melissa Yen speaks with Tina Hudson about her award-winning team at National Pharmacies

  • How to … become more entrepreneurial by

    HR professionals have a major part to play in helping to foster an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and nurtures flexibility, creativity and innovation

  • My next move – seeking a pay rise by

    I have been working in the same company for several years and received a substantial pay increase six months ago. Since then, my responsibilities have significantly increased. I have been managing three additional full-time staff and I’m now working longer hours. I think I deserve another pay increase and would like to know how to approach this with my boss?

  • Building good employer credit by

    Improving employee engagement is more of an art than a science. Craig Donaldson speaks with American Express managing director Pierric Beckert and vice-president of HR Michelle Thomson about what it took to win the large organisation award in the Hewitt Best Employers survey

  • Beating office politics is key to leadership by

    Leaders place career transitions- the point at which leaders are promoted from one level to the next – second only to dealing with divorce when considering different life events

  • My next move – stepping offshore by

    My next move – stepping offshore

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