• Getting job confidence back by

    Q. I have been in my job for quite a long time and I feel that I have lost my self-confidence because of a combination of dominating work colleagues and a lack of new challenges. I have lost sight of what value I add. How can I get my confidence back?

  • How to … create a successful job-share by

    Job-sharing is often dismissed by managers as being too expensive and too difficult to manage – but the benefits of creating job-sharing roles can far outweigh the initial struggle to overcome these hurdles

  • Addressing the gender pay gap in mining by

    In a time of booming commodity prices, salaries in the resources sector have risen at a faster rate than for any other industry. However, there is a significant pay gap between male and female professionals, with males earning almost 25 per cent more than their female counterparts at senior management levels

  • My next move – from finance to HR by

    What’s the best way for a finance manager to move into HR? My employer is supporting me in this, but as we already have a good full-time HR manager, there is little scope for me to get involved in day-to-day HR, other than being a line manager. What jobs would you advise me to look at given my experience in finance and my desire to move into HR?

  • How to … improve personal productivity by

    Time is at a premium for most HR professionals, with demands coming from all sides. All too often, the day is spent dealing with other people’s problems and ‘firefighting’

  • My brilliant career – John Casey by

    My brilliant career – John Casey

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