• The science of leadership by Iain Hopkins

    Brian Little has won industry accolades for his groundbreaking management training initiatives at global insurer Zurich. He shares his story with HRD

  • All for one by Iain Hopkins

    Barclays is rapidly becoming the world leader in diversity and inclusion, but it’s in disability inclusion and accessibility that it’s truly blazing a path

  • My next move – stepping back into HR by

    I was made redundant two years ago from the position of human resources manager for a hotel, prior to that I was a personnel officer working for a museum; I was there for seven years. I hope to return to the field of HR. I have registered with various agencies and have had very little response. I know that two years is a long time to be out of the profession, but with the eight years experience I have it is such a shame to let my talents go to waste

  • how to … use your fighting spirit by

    Reality TV fans will be familiar with the spectacle of chef Gordon Ramsay transforming even the most dismal of restaurants into a triumphant and sophisticated dining experience

  • My next move - Michael Brown by

    My next move - Michael Brown, general manager, HR, Royal Automobile Club of Victoria

  • Talent retention key to successful M&A by

    The biggest challenge in merger and acquisition (M&A) deals is not generating synergies or proving the value of the deal, but retaining staff at the acquired company, according to a recent survey by performance improvement consultancy The Forum Corporation

  • What it takes to become a director by

    Q. I am a commercial HR manager/business partner within a blue-chip organisation and I am keen to become an HR director within the next five years. What kind of HR experience do you feel is best regarded to get to this level? Operational or strategic HR? Generalist or specialist?

  • How to … lead change from within by

    Winston Churchill once famously said: “Never think that a small band of determined people can’t change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”Yet as we look at organisational change, it always seems to be heralded as a major initiative, driven from the top by some champion with the express aim of making the organisation more effective, competitive, less vulnerable, quicker to respond, more product focused, more customer focused – the list is endless

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