• Haneef not the cause of overseas doctor shortage by

    Limited training and career opportunities are among the many reasons for the declining number of doctors coming to Australia, and not the perceived mistreatment of Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef, according to the peak body of medical recruiters

  • How to … cross over industries by

    You spend your time helping your company identify and retain the best candidates and improving the employee experience of the people you work with … but what about you, the HR professional? Do you ever feel you’re in the right role but the wrong industry? Is it time for a change? Is it possible?

  • My brilliant career – Martin Bowen by

    My Brilliant Career – Martin Bowen, HR manager

  • HR the happiest workers by

    Australia’s happiest employees work in HR and recruitment, according to a national SEEK survey of 5,000 employees

  • My brilliant career – Michael Sommerton by

    My brilliant career – Michael Sommerton

  • How to spot high-potential employees by

    Only one-third of 200 surveyed UK companies manage to retain all or most of their high-potential employees, while less than one-quarter believe their current processes will deliver the leaders they need for the future

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