• My brilliant career – Richard Boggon by

    My brilliant career – Richard Boggon

  • CEDA urges pension age rethink by

    Australia should gradually raise the pension age from 65 to 67, according to a report from national economic think-tank CEDA

  • How to … deal with discrimination by

    Discrimination comes in many guises, but whatever form it takes can seriously damage your career prospects, and have a negative effect on your self–confidence and how you feel about work

  • Asia-Pacific companies lag in web recruiting by

    Top publicly-listed companies in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia are not maximising technology use in their corporate careers sites, failing to effectively capture talent through web recruiting

  • My next move – stepping back into HR by

    I was made redundant two years ago from the position of human resources manager for a hotel, prior to that I was a personnel officer working for a museum; I was there for seven years. I hope to return to the field of HR. I have registered with various agencies and have had very little response. I know that two years is a long time to be out of the profession, but with the eight years experience I have it is such a shame to let my talents go to waste

  • how to … use your fighting spirit by

    Reality TV fans will be familiar with the spectacle of chef Gordon Ramsay transforming even the most dismal of restaurants into a triumphant and sophisticated dining experience

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