• How to increase your HR salary by

    I am an experienced HR consultant and I am feeling frustrated and de-motivated in my employment, as HR is being seen as a “cost centre”. Due to this mentality, I have not had a salary increase in over two years. HR salaries across the board seem to be increasing, and I feel I have the skills and experience to justify a pay rise. What are some of the factors dictating HR salaries and what can I do to increase mine?

  • My brilliant career – Daljit Singh, director global talent management, Baker & McKenzie by

    My brilliant career – Daljit Singh

  • How to... manage your success by

    Every business will have a number of exceptionally talented performers who can always be relied upon to deliver results and achieve very high standards. Diligent, industrious and proactive, these individuals will aspire to do the best job that they possibly can, both to meet their own performance expectations and to ensure continued career advancement

  • High 2008 salary growth in emerging markets in Asia by

    Towers Perrin has projected continuing moderate salary growth in most countries next year, despite expectations for slowing economic growth in some markets

  • Bonita Croft – my brilliant career by

    Bonita Croft – my brilliant career

  • How to … become an internal consultant by

    Like external consulting, the role of internal consultant exposes you to a range of projects and business activities with assorted clients. Only in this instance, the ‘clients’ will be other departments and teams within the same company

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