• The science of leadership by Iain Hopkins

    Brian Little has won industry accolades for his groundbreaking management training initiatives at global insurer Zurich. He shares his story with HRD

  • All for one by Iain Hopkins

    Barclays is rapidly becoming the world leader in diversity and inclusion, but it’s in disability inclusion and accessibility that it’s truly blazing a path

  • My brilliant career – Liz Ryan by

    Liz Ryan, human resources director, Maddocks

  • CEO must go beyond closing the deal in M&As by

    Leadership and execution are twice as important as strategy when it comes to successful merger integration, according to a global study of major M&A deal makers

  • Making myself marketable by

    I am a senior HR consultant who is considering leaving my current employer. What do you see as the key HR trends and skills currently in demand, and how can I leverage these to make myself more marketable?

  • Rise in staff turnover is hitting business hard by

    The cost of a recent increase in staff turnover to Australian organisations is estimated at $20 billion, according to a national research study of 1007 HR and people managers

  • How to … future-proof your HR by

    People issues lie at the heart of most strategy execution problems, but in the kind of world we are moving into, strategies will only get more sticky, complex, paradoxical, and people-centric. If we don’t manage our own destiny, either events or aspiring competitors will manage it for us

  • My brilliant career – Alla Keogh by

    Alla Keogh, director people and performance, Deloitte

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